Dooney and Bourke Shoes: Men’s and Women’s Paraboot Boat Shoes

There are various categories that divide men and women’s footwear. One of those is Paraboot Boat shoes. They are also called topsiders or deck shoes and are used by both men and women in different ways for casual wear. The main reason that they are one of the most famous brands of foot wear today is because they are easy to use and comfortable. Dooney shoes definitely meet those criteria.

Men’s Dooney and Bourke Paraboot Boat Shoes actually evolved from the early and Native American concept of moccasins (Moccasins are low tailored shoes that are famous for casual use) and today’s paraboot boat shoes quite resemble those historic moccasins. Styles include woven sandals, boots, and leggings. The Native American concept of moccasins reflects the harsh weather and climate that man had to cope with years ago, and this protective footwear became a necessity for the inhabitants.

A healthy amount of leather is used in the manufacturing of this footwear therefore these shoes are more expensive. A variety of these shoes are available for women. It depends on their preferences as there are a lot of brands available: Cole, Haan, Air, Gabi, Boat Shoes for women. However, if you are looking for true designer shoes then you are looking for Dooney and Bourke shoes.

Men’s Dooney and Bourke Paraboot Boat Shoes are made from heavy leather that is used both inside and outside of the shoes. Different companies have also worked at the exterior of these shoes to give them a much more attractive look for women. The comfortable cushioning and comfort in the heal of the shoe welcome longer wear.

Boat shoes are mostly water resistant and are made from soft leather. Most of them have a white sole and also have white stitching which gives a great overall look to the shoe. It is also available in brown/black upper for your selection.

If you are concerned with footwear that slips and slides then these boat shoes would be a perfect solution for you. Women’s Dooney and Bourke Paraboot Boat Shoes have excellent traction. They have a rough lower part which would allow you to move smoothly with comfort. These boat shoes have water resistant uppers and are made from waterproof soft leather which is more reliable and more durable.

If you are not fond of wearing formal black shoes and you have to go to a formal event and you want to look smarter without those formal black shoes you can be nontraditional by wearing these boat shoes. They will give a professional look with trousers of whatever color! These boat shoes are made to look universal match with all types of dresses, whether casual or formal.

Women also have a great variety from which to select. If they are looking to enhance their shoe collection of their wardrobe then it is ideal to go with the option of deck shoes. These shoes also come with the laces but which add a sophisticated touch to the shoe although it becomes inconvenient for some people to tie up the laces every time.

Dooney and Bourke is the company that offers variety in this regard. They are the leading manufacturer of boat shoes over the years in most of the regions of the world. They offer a great variety of boat shoes and deck shoes. Men and women really like and recommend the accessories of Dooney and Bourke to one another. They believe in the quality and the prices of this company.

No doubt this company has a well known reputation all over the world in producing the quality hand bags, coin bags, boat shoes, deck shoes, leather shoes and hence developed such market where the competitors struggle with them at times. They have been producing for the last 35 years.

Their prices are as low as other companies. The different variety of boat shoes start from just $19 and go to well over $70. These customers are proving it that is worth spending for these shoes. Leather shoes are usually expensive and lot of companies offer attractive designs for leather lovers but yet they are quite expensive. Dooney and Bourke offers these shoes at a lower price than others. They do not emphasize design but the comfort and quality of these shoes.

The opposite is true of the women’s collection as its primary focus is on design over comfort in this collection. Women’s shoes have much more attractive designs. They are available in various colors and sizes from 1 to 10. The prices start from $145.

Whereas men designs are also available in various sizes, US Sizes: 7-10.5, whole and half sizes, 11, 12 and 13. You can also shop online or can choose it online and buy it later from a Dooney and Bourke store. They offer several colors in the same designs and have variety of designs. They are called designer shoes.

Paraboot boat shoes are available at prices nearly to $60 with the shipping rate of approximately $7.50 if you are going to buy it online. Welcome to Dooney and Bourke’s World, a world which has no limits when you talk about bags, handbags, coin bags, a variety of shoes and especially boat shoes, deck shoes based on historic Native American moccasins.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Triathlon Running Shoe

The Importance of Good Golf Shoes

Have you taken a look at your golf shoes lately? Not the quick look when you bend your head down prior to swinging, but have you given a thorough analysis of your shoes recently? My shoes are in terrible condition. That’s tough to admit because I would list golf shoes at the top of my list in the order of importance when it comes to executing a comfortable golf swing. Hitting a golf ball flush depends on the swing path, foot stability and balance. The club is low on the list. Seriously, pro golfers change sponsors with the seasons. However, the golf shoe is one of the least appreciated pieces of equipment that we use every round, and it’s one of the pieces of equipment we are loyal to when it come to branding. We love them not only because they look good but because they feel good. The golf shoe is involved in every single shot. Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to the golf shoe.

Balance is the main reason I make a poor golf shot. I either fall backward, fall forward, or simply slip when I swing the golf club. After a bad swing we’re usually blaming it on the club or practicing a perfect golf swing that we wish we could execute when actually hitting a shot.

Some of our swing faults are either associated with trying to look for the shot before we hit it, or bad simply ball positioning. Slipping out of our shot on the other hand is something that we can easily fix. It doesn’t take a swing coach to fix a worn set of golf shoes or golf spikes. Moreover, I have a phobia of sports injuries so when I start slipping in my golf swing and my joints are moving to positions that I didn’t choose, I begin to evaluate my shoes.

Golf shoes are the last piece of “golf apparel” that I want to replace. A good pair of shoes can run north of $150 at times. One can argue that they are worth the price since a really good pair of golf shoes can survive at least four or five sets of golf spikes before you replace the shoe. That’s a really good deal if you think about it.

Who’s going to spend $150 anyway? We are budget golfers right? Swallow your pride and buy the Tiger Woods three years prior to the current year. Some of us wait in line for the new iPhone, or the latest pair of Air Jordans. Why shouldn’t we get the latest pair of Tiger Woods golf shoes, right?

Wrong. Don’t forget the iPhone lasts to your next contract and Jordans will make it until the next pair come out. Golf shoes won’t be the last item you buy during the year when it comes to golf products. We have golf balls buy. We have a new glove to buy. We have to refurbish our clubs. Oh yeah.. we have to pay for that round of golf as well every week (sometimes twice a week).

Golf shoes are produced by a number of brands. We probably won’t be able try them all in our lifetime so I would say that it’s OK to develop brand loyalty with golf shoes. Personally, I’m partial to Adidas. They fit like a glove, and they are very stable. Every pair that I’ve gotten have felt that way. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to not be a brand loyalist, but I stand by their product from the clubs to the shoes. Not quite the balls and as you are I’m a deal hunter on clubs, but I got a great pair of Adidas that I searched around and found a good deal on after I tried them on at the PGA superstore. I have the black version of these and they feel like walking shoes.

However, before you go out and fork over whatever is in your budget on a new pair of golf shoes, consider all options first.

If your current pair of shoes don’t have holes in them and aren’t stretched like those old pair of running shoes that need replacing, then buy you a set of spikes and keep them in your golf bag. If you’ve never replaced them on your own, here is a list of things you will need:

spike replacement tool
five minutes

A fresh set of spikes will make your shoes feel just as new as a brand new pair at times, but like any pair of athletic shoes, replacing them is inevitable. If you find that your shoes are stretched, dirty, and just won’t fall back into form (because we have to outdress those in our foursome, if they ask where you got that shirt don’t tell), a new pair of shoes should be your next. It doesn’t have to be expensive though.

The Deal

Visit your local golf stores and try on as many premium shoes as you can to find the pair that fits you. Take advantage of the store. Try them on and go hit a few balls. Don’t forget… you are the consumer. You have to feel the shoes in action! Once you’ve done that, don’t hesitate to whip out the phone or tablet and search for the best deal possible on the shoe you’ve found fits you. We can buy somethings online, but shoes we have to try first. From my research I’ve found a ton of shoes that I like at a low price on

However I’m partial to Adidas. I’ve found a couple of pairs on this website that I really like and they are at a very reasonable price.

You may want the brand new set of Adidas. You probably want the soft Tiger Woods shoes of 2013. But we also have to pay to play. If you’re like me you also like to look good when I play. Tough predicament huh. Not really.

In any event, keeping a fresh set of spikes on your golf shoes will not only help you maintain your balance through the golf swing, but it will also lower the chance of a golf injury. Slipping during the swing is something that we all as golfers want to avoid. We strive to shoot lower scores, and we only want focus on the swing to fix our faults. Golf shoes should be the least of our worries.

Now that’s budget golfing.

Good ball!


As always, what are your thoughts? Feel free to share with us on steals that you’ve found on golf equipment.

How to Tell If Your Shoe Fits

Although it seems obvious, knowing if your shoe fits are often the mistakes we usually make. Most prefer shoes that are a bit bigger as it allows for better room while others prefer smaller sized shoes for comfort. In order to find your true shoe size, use a measuring device at the store. But that’s just part of the many things to tell if the shoe fits.

Measure your shoe size

To find your true shoe size, use the Bannock shoe measuring device usually available at the shoe store. The Bannock foot measuring device is designed to indicate your correct shoe size by measuring the heel-to-toe, arch, and width of your feet. With these measurements, you will be able to find a properly fitted shoes.

Some people find that after measuring their feet, they have one foot longer or wider than the other. If you have this feat, don’t worry as this is normal and there is nothing to worry about. This is usually because of the formation of bunions and tailor bunions that have a genetic predisposition and will change the anatomical alignment of the foot; thus making it wider or longer than your other foot.

The rule of the thumb

The rule of the thumb when buying a pair of shoes is there should be a thumb’s spacing between the tip of the longest toe in your foot to the end of the shoe. Use the first, second, or third toes as landmarks as they are usually the longest toes in your foot.

Try shoes in the afternoon

Your feet swell during the day because walking slightly increases your blood flow. If you must shop in the morning, don’t buy shoes that are snug.

Buy shoes that fit the bigger foot

Never force your foot into a shoe that is either too small or too tight. Wearing shoes that don’t fit can cause foot, ankle, knee and back problems. It can even throw you off-balance and make you walk funny. If it is too narrow, you can develop ingrown nails, corns, and your skin will be irritated causing blister formation.

Wear the type of socks you would wear for the shoe you are buying

Don’t wear your basketball socks nor even try to wear ski socks if you are buying leather shoes for work. Don’t fit your shoes without socks either. The goal here is not just to make it fit, but also to provide overall comfort especially when wearing socks.

Walk around your shoes before buying them

Walk around the store and see how it fits before buying them. Once you have the shoes at home, try walking around and wear them for a few hours. This should give you a better feel for the shoes than trying them on briefly at the store. Make sure that when trying it on, you shouldn’t scuff the shoes, as the store won’t accept it if you need to replace the one you just bought.

Shoes just expand, not get longer

Usually, leather shoes expand and widen with wear, but only by a bit. However, shoes don’t get longer. If your toes are crunched at their tips, don’t expect it to be better with wear. Either go up a half-size, or find another shoe that is a perfect fit.

UK, US, and European sizes are different

You may find that in some shoe store, you are sized 6, in other stores you are sized 39, and in some you are sized 5.5. This is because the shoe manufacturers use different sizes and they usually base it on where the shoe was manufactured. Thankfully, shoe stores have shoe conversion tables you can use as a guide. Also, shoes nowadays have shoe sizes converted to UK, US, and European sizes.